Business Travel

We host many business travellers throughout the year at Burnhouse Manor Hotel. We understand that there are many professional people who spend many nights away from home throughout the year, and need to be comfortable. Some may need somewhere close to their meeting the next day, and easily accessible from motorways. Others might want somewhere a little off the beaten track with a real home-from-home feel. This is where we come in!

What we offer

Excellent double/twin rooms

Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere

Delicious, fresh cooked meals

Efficient, friendly customer service

Character, great food and drink, personal service and attention, and recognition which big hotels can often lack. At Burnhouse Manor, you are a person, a valued guest, not a number. A relaxing environment awaits you in which to unwind, relax and recharge.

Such a refreshing change from the city centre corporate hotel or travel inn. Total flexibility, early and late check-in and out times, forgiving cancellation policy and a highly competitive corporate privileged rate with free upgrades as available. Call now to find out more on 01560 484 006