Top Responsibilities of a Maid of Honour


You don’t need to be highly experienced in wedding planning to realise that a wedding requires a LOT of preparation! A bride will need as much help as she can get on the lead up to and during her wedding day and will usually designate the role of ‘Maid of Honour’ to her relative or a close friend. The Maid of Honor plays an important role to the planning and overall success of a wedding day. However, with the title comes many key responsibilities:


Helping the bride

Leading up to the wedding, a bride will often require her Maid of Honour to help. From shopping for accessories, to giving your opinions on wedding themes and décor, make sure you are available. At Burnhouse Manor, we have in-house wedding coordinators to help with the planning and decision process to make things a lot easier on you and the bride.


Help plan the Hen Night

One of the maid of honour’s most important jobs on the run up to the big day is organising the hen do. If you don’t have an idea already of what your bride might like, a good way to start is to ask her what style of day she wants and who she’d like to attend. She might want a relaxing afternoon tea that her family can come to, or she might want a memorable night out with friends. We have multiple afternoon tea and lunch options at excellent prices. You can count on us to help you to create a special and memorable experience for your bride!


Get Crafty

Depending on how crafty the bride is, she may wish to undertake some home-made projects leading up to the wedding. Whether that means hand-writing envelopes, making wedding favours, or creating centrepieces, lending a helping hand with these projects will be a big help for her. At Burnhouse Manor, we have flexibility for what you require from the wedding theme and our wedding coordinators are happy to help and advise on any questions. Our weddings are also frequently partnered up with a wedding party planning service, who can offer a range of party items, props and décor for hire. This can be advantageous for the wedding theme, décor and general bits and bobs that you might not have realised is needed!


Help her get dressed on the wedding day

On the day of the wedding, the Maid of Honor usually gets ready with the bride and the rest of the bridal party in the bridal suite. It is a big requirement to help the bride get dressed and to make sure everyone has the space to get ready. You’ll want to be certain everything is laid out, from the wedding dress to undergarments, shoes and jewellery. Our bridal suites are an excellent size, giving you and the bridal party the space to prepare and get organised.


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