Birthday Parties

‘You're not getting older, you're getting better.’
Think of ‘Birthday Parties’ and we bet you immediately think of kid’s parties with jelly and ice cream. Well, that’s part of it but by no means the full story. Anyone can and should have a birthday party.

We think birthdays should be fun and laughter filled. We think these parties should create family memories, and be your most important day of the year. To that end, we use our imagination, and help you use yours, to create a party that is as much a gift as any present you or a loved one might receive. Birthday parties at Burnhouse Manor will live long in the memory – until the next one!

We are a popular venue for hosting birthday parties of all ages due to the family friendly atmosphere we have at Burnhouse Manor. We have space for (almost) everything you could imagine, from bouncy castles, treasure hunts, wine tasting, and of course a big dinner dance.

Our large function room holds up to 250 guests, but if you fancy something more intimate, we have capacity for smaller groups in our restaurant for private dining.